Process Overview

Step 1:

Direct Data Entry - Your office enters inventory information (optional) and demographic information. You may create the following documents: Delivery, Purchase order, Work order, CMN, Physician orders, etc and print them at your site.

In-House Data Entry - Your office sends us an intake form (custom or stock), delivery slip and medical necessity documentation and we will enter all necessary information in our system to procure the billing process.
Our highly experienced staff is familiar with insurance guidelines, policy formats and prior authorization requirements for a diverse mix of payer sources.

Online Data Entry - You send demographic information to us to key into your Web based system.

Step 2:
We check the claims for accuracy prior to submission and transmit or send the claim to the appropriate payer.

Step 3:
There are multiple posting options: We may utilize electronic remittance notices. They may be done on site or in house. Manual posting may be done on site or in house. You may provide us access to any scanning software utilized in house.

Step 4:
We work ALL denials that can be resolved with the insurance carrier and generate secondary claims and patient statements.

Step 5:
We manage RCM in an intuitive manor leveraging analytics and technology. We call on claims to manage denials rather than resubmit them.

Methods Of Sending Your Data to Pro-Med

Pro-Med can accommodate a variety of methods for receiving patient information and EOB's.

We have the ability to receive your scanned, email, faxed or mailed documents. Pro-Med can utilize your existing scanning software to access medical records remotely or you may take advantage of our in house document imaging system to access medical records.

Common Methods Used:
  • Electronic (Email/FTP/Web)
  • Fax Transmissions
Technical Infrastructure
Ahead of the technology curve:

Pro-Med utilizes the latest in technology available to provide the best possible services to clients. From a fully powered Cisco network to multi-tiered security measures, multiple methods of data redundancy & disaster failover methods, Pro-Med keeps your data security & compliance concerns a top priority..